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Year 6

Croeso i Dosbarth Llynfi




Teacher: Mr Richards



Class Information:


  • Class starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm


  • Water bottles containing water to be brought in daily with your child’s name clearly labelled


  • Fruit or vegetable snacks can be brought in for morning breaktime or purchased from the fruit trolley for 30p a day


  • Reading books to be brought in daily and will be changed as necessary


  • Homework is sent out every Monday and is to be completed and returned by Friday.  If there are any problems with the homework please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help


  • PE kits (hyperlink to uniform section) to be worn to school every Tuesday. Ensure kit is appropriate for the weather


  • Label EVERY item of clothing clearly with your child’s name


If you wish to speak with us please make contact via email or ring 01656 815660.

Ms Rowley (headteacher), Mr Richards (Deputy) and Mrs Farmer (Engagement Officer) are also available on the yard at the beginning and end of the day.


Porthcawl Primary Curriculum:

Year 6




R.V.E.- Business and Social 


World History

Human Geography


Autumn 1- The British Empire

Empire & colonialism(CC, D, R9, R22)

India (D, R31,R32)

Identity and Belonging  (CC, D, R7 )


Ancient History

Physical Geography

Global Goals

Spring 1 – Changing World

The Black Death   (D, R24,27)

Climate change   (CC, D,  R24,)   

Climate Action Goal 13   (CC, D, R24)


Modern History

Country Study


Summer 1 -Countries in Conflict

WWII  (CC, D, R7,R8 )

UK  (CC, D,  R14)

The Journey of Life   (CC, D, R6,7,)






Expressive Arts


Living things



Autumn 2- Field to Fork

Human body & health (R 24)

Field to fork –Great Porthcawl Bake off (CC, D, R24)

Stand-up comedy (R 12)


Forces and energy



Spring 2 – Forceful Bridges

Electricity and magnets

Bridges (CC)

Rap (R12)


Matter & Materials



Summer 2 – River Banksy

Water - filters

Algorithms – Raspberry Pi

Banksy – Street Art- Bristol (CC,D, R12)





Language, Literacy and Communication


Year 6

Autumn 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

The Spider and the Fly – Tony Diterlizzi

Banksy graffiti examples

Baby Brains -Simon James

The Piano- Aiden Gibbons

Tales of Outer Suburbia – Sean Tann

Poetry linked to the sea

Range- Character description, persuasive letter, recipe, narrative

Range- news report, balanced argument, persuasive letter, news report

Range- Flashback story, poetry  instructions, diary entry, advert

Autumn 2

Spring 2

Summer 2

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick- Chris Van Allsburg

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens (Muppets and Disney version)

Rose Blanche – Ian McEwan

The Arrival – Sean Tann

Theseus and the Minotaur

Range- Narrative (adventure, horror, Sci fi, fantasy, mystery, comedy, historical), Voice 21 individual presentation

Range- Diary entry, Persuasive letter, Flashback story, Voice 21 paired presentation

Range- Letter, narrative, NCR, narrative (myths and legends), Voice 21 group presentation

Mathematics and Numeracy


A wide variety of topics are covered including:  



addition and subtraction

multiplication and division


using scales in weight, length and capacity

convert between units of measure, measuring and drawing angles



recognise and describe 2D and 3D shapes including simple symmetry, area, perimeter and volume


timetables, calendars, graphs (line, bar and pie chart), coordinates, conversion charts, average (mean, mode, range, median), probability



Number facts, relationships between numbers and times tables are taught through Big Maths.

The Big Maths scheme covers the 4 aspects of numeracy each day. Children are given number facts known as 'Learn its' to help improve recall of addition and multiplication facts which can then also be used for subtraction and division. In year 6 the Abacus maths scheme is also used.

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