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This week we are going to be focusing on the story 'Spinderella' by Julia Donaldson. Watch the video below and talk about the story to your child. Did you enjoy the story? Why? What was your favourite part? Have you ever seen spider playing football?

Spinderella by Julia Donaldson - Read with Joy! Julia Donaldson stories

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Sound Spider

Make a spider and write the sounds s, a, t, i, p, n, c, e on the body. Attach 8 legs and on each leg write one of the above sounds. Can your child practice writing the sounds along each leg. If they are confident at doing this, you could make another spider and this time write the word 'at' on the body. Can your child think of words that rhyme with the word 'at' i.e. cat, sat, pat etc...  On each leg support your child to segment the words and write them down. See picture below. 


This week we are going to be focusing on the sound 'j'. Introduce the sound to your child and encourage them to sing the Jolly Phonics song using the link below. Practice writing the sound and finding objects around the house that begin with the sound 'j'. To reinforce the sound you may like to make some rainbow jelly and sing the song while you are making it. 

Jolly Phonics (Group 4 - Letter "J")

What do you like to do?

In the story, Spinderella loves to play football. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? You are going to write a simple sentence about what you enjoy doing. 


I like playing the piano.
I like walking.


Try really hard to sound out the words and use your sound card to help you write the letters.  You could also draw a picture of yourself doing that hobby. 

Book Review

Did you enjoyed the story of Spinderella? What was your favourite part? Can you complete a simple book review based on the story. You can use the template below or simply write one on paper. You can either make marks to completing your writing or maybe you can start writing some familiar sounds. 


This activity is to develop counting sets of a given number. Draw a large spider web with a spider sitting on it. Make some flies by drawing them on paper and cutting them out. Ask your child to roll a dice and say how many spots there are. Can they put the correct number of flies on the spider's web to match the dice? 

Fun Football Maths

In the story, Spinderella played football with his friends. Using a bucket or basket and a ball, can you guess how many times you think you can throw the ball into the bucket? Play the game with your family and keep a tally of how many everyone scores. Try really hard to aim for the bucket and not throw the ball too high. You can make the game easier or harder by moving closer or further away from the bucket. 

If you want to develop some maths skills, use several buckets / baskets and label them with numbers 1 - 3. Throw two balls and which ever bucket they land in ask your child to add up the total. For example if they score 1 and 2 that would make 3. 

Number Spider

Make a large spider out of paper and write the numbers 1 to 8 on each leg. Can your child then draw the correct number of spots to match the number? Encourage them to count each spot as they are drawing them and to check how many they have drawn by counting them using one to one correspondence. See the picture below.

Knowledge & Understanding

What do you know about spiders? Do you know any interesting facts? Watch the video below or ask a grown up to help you research information about spiders such as where do they live? What do they eat? How many eyes do they have? After doing your research you could make a simple fact file on a spider, recording the most interesting fact you have found out. 

Interesting facts about Spiders | Educational Video for Kids.

Did you know that spiders are one of the animals that most people are scared of? There are millions of people who have arachnophobia, meaning that when they ...

Creative Development

This activity is great for developing fine motor control. You can use a paper plate, but if you haven't got one a piece of round cardboard will also work. Ask your child to thread some wool or string around the plate or cardboard to make a spider web. Don't forget to also make a spider to put on the web. See picture below. 

Spinderella Challenges


Here are some fun challenges you can do over the week based on the story Spinderella.


1. Can you make your own mini tabletop football game? You could use the lid of a box as the ground and scrunch up a piece of paper for the ball. Use your fingers to 'kick' the ball around the pitch. Below are some pictures to give you some ideas. Keep a tally to show how many goals everyone scores. 


2. Can you make a spider web catcher using some sticks? Below you will find some instructions of how to make it. Hang it outside and keep checking it everyday to see if a spider has spun a web inside it. 


3. Can you make a crafty spider? Here are some ideas but you may think of a different way you could make one.