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Symmetry Game


Following on from our work on symmetry earlier in the week, we are going to play a game to consolidate our knowledge of this. Click on the link below and play the game. For the easiest level is select the 'pictures' option. If your child is confident with this, move onto the 'shapes' option. The hardest level is the 'patterns'. This is quite tricky, but see if you can master it! Have fun!

Decomposition Experiment


Today we are going to investigate what decomposition is. This word means when food breaks down. I don't throw any of my fruit and vegetable peelings away at home as I have a compost bin. I place all my peelings in there are slowly over time it decomposes and turns into compost that I can use on my garden. You are going to investigating this process and find out what makes food decompose quicker. Click on the link below to take you to a science experiment you can do at home. 


You will need:
Two pieces of the same vegetable – we used a pepper
2 Plastic sandwich bags

Follow the instructions on the link to complete the experiment. Keep a simple diary over the next week or two and note down any changes you see in either of the bags. You could also take some photos and share them with us on here.