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Week 5

This  Week's Story

This week, our book is The Day The Crayons Quit. I loved listening to this story and hope that you do too! What is your favourite and least favourite colour? Why were all the crayons so fed up? Was it all for the same reason or all different reasons?



Those poor crayons sounded so fed up in the letter that they wrote!
Can you write a letter, replying to all of the colours? You can either do it from yourself or you can pretend to be Duncan when you write your letter.
What might you say to try and convince them to stay and to make them feel better? What did certain colours want Duncan to do?

Find below a powerpoint to support teaching letter writing as well as some examples!


Can you make up your own story about a household object quitting? Maybe your fridge has had enough because all day long, everyone in the house is opening and closing him to see what delicious food he has to offer but it's making him all hot and bothered! You could choose your lights who are so fed up because they are only needed when it's dark outside. Other objects like the TV and the doors get used all day long and the lights feel left out! You can choose any object you want.
Once you have chosen which object is going to quit, I would like you to explain why this object's annoyed? What keeps happening? How can the owner make things better?, etc.

The more silly your story sounds, the better! You could write this as a short story or as a letter, like in our story of the week, The Day The Crayons Quit.
I can't wait to read what you come up with and I bet it will make me laugh!


There are lots of different colour crayons, all with different personalities.
I would like you to choose to of your favourite character from the story and write a conversation between them. You will be writing a script and it's what actors and actresses use when they are filming a movie or they are on stage doing a show!
Here is an example -

Cast List -
Mrs Farmer
Miss Rowley

Scene List -
Dosbarth Garw in Porthcawl Primary School

Scene 1 - in the wonderful, friendly classroom called Dosbarth Garw
Mrs Farmer is wearing a purple, floaty dress with a sparkly necklace and Miss Rowley is wearing a spotty top and dark trousers. They are standing in the classroom looking very confused.

Mrs Farmer: Where did you put the chatty rainbow, Miss Rowley?
Miss Rowley: I left it where I always do, on my desk.
Mrs Farmer: Well it's not there. I know what must have happened. The Evil Pea has taken it!
Miss Rowley: OH NO! I can't believe it. We must go on a mission to save it.
Mrs Farmer: Good plan!

Can you see, the people or characters names go at the beginning, with two funny dots ':' after. This is called a colon. After the colon, you write what the character or person is saying.
See some more examples below that include more detail and read over one with an adult! What is included? A 'cast list' to say who will be in the script, there's a 'scene' section to say where the setting is. Maybe yours will be on a colourful table in the middle of a gigantic classroom or maybe in a cramped pencil case. After that, the script starts. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and to do neat writing!