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Meet the Governors!


The following are the current governors of Porthcawl Primary School.  They are all dedicated to supporting school improvement.


Name Type End of term of office
Cllr B Jones Local Authority 03.10.20
Mr C Williams Local Authority 30.01.22
Ms M Pearce Community 07.02.21
Vacancy Community  
Mr M Cowper Community 01.05.22
Cllr C Wintle Community 23.05.21
Ms G Wilkinson Parent  
Mrs K Roberts Parent 02.03.22
Mrs S David Parent 02.11.21
Ms J Bowen Teacher  23.10.21
Mrs V Humphreys Staff 24.09.22
Ms S Delaney Clerk n/a


Head Teacher

Jo Rowley

Governing Body Annual Report to Parents


The Governing Body are pleased to provide this report on the previous school year.