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This week all our activities are based on the fantastic story 'Supertato'. Listen to the story on the link below if you don't already have it in the house. 


Supertato read By Klair. written and ilustrated by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Mark Making

Using some vegetables that you may have at home such as carrots and parsnips, can you make marks using them and paint? Try practicing writing your name or the first sound in each of the following words: 







Soup Ingredients

If you were to make a soup, what ingredients would you put in it? Look at some recipe books at home and look at the features. They all have a list of ingredients for each recipe. Can you make a simple list of ingredients that you would put in your soup? Try hard to hear the first sound in each of the words you write. 


This week our phonic sound is 'f'. Introduce this to your child and ask them to find items around the house beginning with this sound. Watch the following videos and learn the Jolly Phonic's song. Your child could practice writing this sound in foam - the messier the better! 


Gather up several items around the house (some beginning with the sound 'f' and some not). Draw a simple frog and stick it onto a box or a basket. Ask your child to 'feed the frog' all the items that begin with the sound 'f'. 

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F Jolly Phonic


Can you make a simple green grocers shop at home. Make simple price labels ranging from 1p to 10p for the different food items. Play shops with your child, encouraging them to buy items by counting out the correct number of pennies. 

Making carrot tops

Draw or cut out some simple triangle shapes to resemble carrots. Write a number on each one and ask your child to stick the correct number of green shoots on top of each one. See the picture below for this activity. 


Arcimboldo is a famous artist who would often use fruit and vegetables to make his pictures. Look at one of his pictures below. Can you make a picture using different fruit and vegetables? You may like to make a face or something else such as an animal. We would love to see the pictures on Facebook. 

Knowledge & Understanding

This is the perfect time of year to plant some vegetables, especially runner beans. You can plant them straight into the ground. All you need is some strong sticks or bamboo canes for them to climb up. You could also watch the link below and try planting your own potato. 

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Supertato Challenges

Here are some fun challenges for you to do linked to the story.


1. Make your own Supertato using a potato or you could make your own superhero using a different vegetable. 

2. Potato printing - Can you make a picture by printing with potatoes or other vegetables. You could ask a grown up to cut some shapes out for you or make a repeating pattern using them. 
3. Vegetable soup is delicious! Can you help a grown up make your own Vegetable soup. You can choose which vegetables you want in it. Below is a simple recipe if your not sure how to make it. 
4. Make your own living forest. Cut the top off some carrots and parsnips and place in a shallow tray with water. Watch as they start to grow!