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Week 3


The main ways of writing the /ue/ sound are <ue>, <u_e> and <ew>.
We are going to look at the <u_e> spelling which we can call '<u> hopover <e>'. Like the other sounds you've been looking at, the e at the end is magic and doesn't make a sound but sends magic to the consonant before it to change the short vowel to a long one.

Read the postcard below with an adult. Once you've read it through, go over it again and see what u_e words you can find any write them in a list. After this, choose three to write a sentence with. You could draw a picture to go with your sentences. Remember to sound out your work and this time you have a new <u_e> sound to use in some of the words. Use your soundcard to help you sound out the other words!

Spelling list - cube, tune, used, excuse, useless


cube, tune, smile, prize, like, home, globe, tadpole, grape, cake, pavement

These are some of the 'hopover' spellings you have been learning at home, over the last couple of weeks. Continue practicing to read and write these words by playing games.

Reading Challenge - can you make these words into flashcards and then make separate flashcards with pictures of these things on them. See how long it take you to match the words to the pictures. Do this as often as possible and see if you can beat your record each time you do it!
Writing Challenge - fill in the blanks! Write each word out on a piece of paper or using chalk on the ground (there is a worksheet attached if you would prefer). Which hopover will you use to complete each word? Remember there's a magic letter on the end of all these words!