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Pirates Love Underpants


This week our theme is 'Pirates'. Read or listen to the story 'Pirates Love Underpants' using the link below and talk about the story with a grown up. What was your favourite part? Why?


Would you like to be a pirate? Why? Can you draw a picture of yourself as a pirate and write underneath if you would like to be a pirate and why. Remember to use the word 'because' in your sentence. You could write a sentence such as:


'I would like to be a pirate because they have lots of gold'. 

Pirates love underpants - Books Alive!

Books Alive! presents a reading of Claire Freedman and Ben Cort's hilarious addition to the Underpants series is full of pirates, sharks and treasure. You'll...

Message in a bottle

Imagine you are a pirate and have been ship wrecked on a desert island. How will you call for help? Can you write a message of help and send it in a bottle? Remember to say who you are, where you are and what the problem is. Once you have finished, ask a grown up if they have an empty bottle you can put it in. Make sure though you don't really send it out to sea as we don't want any more rubbish going into our oceans! 


This week we are going to consolidate all group 1 sounds:




Your child will be confident at recognising these sounds but support them to write them correctly with the right formation and orientation. Below are some fun ideas of different ways you can practice formation at home. 



How many different words can you make using these letters? Practice blending and segmenting the letters by making different words using these letters. Are you able to make at least 10 different words? Write a list of all the words you make. 


Phonics Game

Click on the link below to play the pirate phonic game. Select the 'cvc' option and one other sound. Encourage your child to read the words and decide if it is a real word or not. 


This activity develops problem solving skills in maths. Draw three large coconut trees on a piece of paper and make 6 coconuts using paper and cut out. Ask your child to place the coconuts on the trees.  How many different ways can you arrange them? Encourage your child to write down all the different ways they find. For example:


Tree 1        Tree 2       Tree 3

  1          +      1        +    4        =  6

  2          +      2        +    2        =  6



Walk the Plank

Pirates often used to make people walk the plank. Set up a simple sea scene on the floor. Maybe you have a sheet of blue fabric you could use. You could even make some cardboard sharks to make it look more realistic (see pictures below for ideas). Then place a piece of wood, cardboard or strip of paper across it to represent the plank. Write out the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 on individual pieces of paper. Ask your child to lay the numbers in the correct order along the plank. As they walk along the plank they can say each number in order. Watch you don't fall off and get eaten by sharks though! 

Knowledge & Understanding

Pirates love coins. For this activity you need to freeze some coins in pots of water. Show your child the frozen ice with the coins hidden inside. How will we get the coins out? Discuss ways of making the ice melt and try them out. These could include using your hands, placing it in the sun, using a hair dryer etc... Which way do you think will make the ice melt the quickest? Try out your ideas to see if you were right. Once the coins are free, ask your child to count how many there are. 

What is a pirate? 

What is a pirate? What do they do? Use the Power Point below to learn some facts about pirates or ask a grown up to help you research the internet to find out some new facts. Maybe you can find out what the name of the famous Welsh pirate was. 


After researching. you may want to write down the most interesting fact that you have found out and draw a picture to match. 

Creative Development

Let's get crafty! Can you make your own pirate? You could use a cardboard tube or make one by printing using your hand. Below are a few ideas for you or you may think of your own. 

Pirate Challenges

Here are some fun challenges linked to pirates you can complete during the week. 


1. Make a treasure map. Roughly rip around the edge of a piece of paper then scrunch it up in a ball. Smooth it out and using a wet tea bag, gently wipe the tea bag over the piece of paper to stain it and make it look old. Once this is dry your child can draw on their treasure map. Don't forget the 'x' marks the spot.


2. All pirates have a flag. If you were a pirate, what design would you have on your flag? Can you design your own pirate flag? You can either use the template below or make one using paper. 


3. Make a treasure chest using an egg carton and fill with treasure, coins and jewels. See pictures below for ideas. 


4. Make a pirate hat and decorate. Find instructions below on how to make it.