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Dragon Jelly

This Week's Book 


This week our book we are going to be basing our learning on is called 'Dragon Jelly' by Claire Freedman and Sue Hendra. I haven't heard this story until now and I really liked it. Listen to the story using the link below and talk about the story to a grown up. Would you like to go to a party like that? 

Mitten Tales - Books for Children - Dragon Jelly

"TA-DAH! It's DRAGON JELLY time, A sizzling scrumptious treat. It's red. It's wobbly. Best of all, It's SCARY HOT to eat ...! Max is having a MONSTER party. ...

Planning a Party - Literacy


Look at the image below from the beginning of the story. Max is having a party. What type of party is he having? Have you ever been to a party like Max'? Today I want you to think about a party that you would like. Imagine you could have any type of party for your birthday. Where would it be? What would be the theme? What would you eat? What games would you play?  Discuss your ideas with a grown up. 


Either using the template below or on paper, can you plan out your party? Keep this safe as you will need it to help you with other literacy activities later in the week. 

What Makes a Good Invitation


Towards the end of the week, we will be making and writing our own party invitations. In order for us to create a really good one, we need to look closely at some examples of invitations and find all the things that make it good. We use the term WMG in school (which stands for 'What Makes Good'). The children are familiar with this term and will know that they need to identify all the good features of a piece of writing. Look at the examples of party invitations below and ask your child to identify the features of them. These could include:


*It's colourful
*Write who the invitation if for
*What type of party it is
*Where the party is
*The date and the time
*Contact details of who to reply to
*Who the invitation is from


Your child can write these WMG's on paper or add a document to this assignment. Keep it safe as you will need this later in the week. 

Writing a Party Invitation - Literacy


Re-cap with your child the type of party they would like (from Monday's activity) and the WMG for a party invitation. What must you remember to write on your invitation? Today your child can make their own party invitations. You can use the template below or make up your own on paper. Remember to write who the invitation is for, what the theme is, where and when the party is and who it is off. 

Phonics - 'ng'


This week we are going to be focusing on the sound 'ng'. Re-cap this sound with your child by using the song and the attached links. 


Ask your child if they can write the following words:




Can they think of any other words to add to the list? Can you write some simple sentences using these words?

Jolly Phonics song ng

Jolly Phonics song ng If you're strong and you know it, say "/ng/!" If you're strong and you know it, say "/ng/!" If your're strong and you know it, and you ...

'ng' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3

Let's sound out some 'ng' words! If you want your children to sound out by themselves, simply mute the video. 🚨 SUBSCRIBE

Capacity - Maths


This week we are going to focus on capacity in maths. This means how much a container can hold. Select a variety of containers and fill with different amounts of water (some full, empty, half full). Ask your child to describe how much water each one contains by using the language 'full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty'. Can they order the containers from empty to the fullest. You can also use the PowerPoint presentation below to help consolidate this skill. 


If it is a nice day, then you may be having fun in your paddling pool. Place several different sized containers in the pool for your child to explore. I have attached some capacity challenge cards which you may find useful games you could play while in the pool. 

Addition & Subtraction Cakes


Draw some simple cakes on paper and write one of the following addition or subtraction number sentences on each one: 


5 - 1
3 + 2
6 + 2
4 - 2
4 + 4
8 - 7

Can your child work out the answer and draw the correct number of candles on each cake? You could also do the same activity but using playdough and real candles. Write out the number sentence on paper and your child can place the correct number of candles into the playdough cake. 

Capacity Game - Maths


Click on the link below to open up the capacity game. Can you fill the container in the least number of pours possible? Make sure you don't make it overflow! 

Making Jelly - Knowledge & Understanding 


In the story, Max had a fantastic dragon jelly for his party. Can you make some jelly? Look carefully at the instructions but make sure you ask a grown up to help. You will need to use very hot water and we don't want anyone to burn. While making the jelly, encourage your child to use the language of capacity such as full, empty, half full, nearly full, nearly empty. Discuss how the jelly changes throughout the whole process. Maybe you have a fun jelly mould you can put it in when it's finished. 

Making a Monster


The main character in the story is Max the Monster. Can you make your own monster? I have included some ideas below of different things you could use to create a monster. Once you have finished, don't forget to give your monster a name. Maybe he would like to join your family party at the end of the week. 

Pa Liw Ydy Hwn? - Welsh Colours


While you have been at home, have you still been practicing your Welsh? You are all really good at Welsh so I thought today we could have a little re-cap of Welsh colours. I bet you all know more than the grown ups in your house. To ask someone 'what colour is this?' we say 'Pa liw ydy hwn?' See if you can collect some colourful objects and ask a grown up to ask you this question. Make sure when you respond with the colour, you use the Welsh word. I have included a PowerPoint to remind you of the colours in Welsh. Try to use this phrase around the house at different times of the day. You could even test a grown up and ask them 'pa liw ydy hwn?' while you are eating your dinner or getting dressed into different coloured clothes. 

Dragon Jelly Challenges


Here are some fun challenges that you can do over the week based on the story 'Dragon Jelly'.


1. Can you have fun with some jelly slime? Below is a document to show you how to make it. It would be great if you could share some photos of it. 


2. In the story, Max had a magician in his party. Can you learn to perform a simple magic trick? See if you can baffle your family. You may even like to record you performing your trick and sharing it with your friends on here. 


3. Can you make a recipe for a monster cake? What do you think they would like to eat? Don't forget to write a list of ingredients and how to make it. You can use the template below or write it out on paper. 

4. Hold your very own family party. Maybe you could decide what food and games you would like. Don't forget to help write a shopping list for everything you need. You could make some party hats and bunting to hang up. I have attached a template for bunting but you could simply draw out your own. 


PLAY | 5 Magic Tricks Kids Can DO!

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