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Week Commencing - 11.05.2020

ACTIVITY 1 - you all love this video in class, especially the alien at the end!

Looking at a 100 square, circle in pencil the 5x table. What do you notice about the numbers you have circled? Can you think of a rule for numbers in the 5x table? What do they end with?

Please choose an activity. There are worksheets below but I will also link so practical activities! - you could do this one with bowls and sticky notes. - you could play games with lollipop sticks or pebbles, including ordering or guess the missing number! - A practical version of this activity could be using beads, dried pasta or lego blocks to group different multiples of 5 together and then count in 5s to find out how many there are.


In Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, when the prisoner was reading his story, I noticed there were tally marks on the wall. Did you see them too? Have a look at the picture again (it's attached below!) What number tally has he got to? What do you think he's counting?
We have already learnt about using tally in school and you are all very good at it. Tally is used to collect information.
Remember a tally looks just like a number one. When you get to 5, you make a 'gate' across the other 4 tallys. Practice tallying for different numbers.
Make number cards 1-15 on one colour paper and tally cards on a different colour, also 1-15. Play a game with all the number and tally cards facing down. With at least one other person, take it in turns to flip over two cards. If you find a number that matched a tally, you can keep the pair. If they don't match then you have to put them back in their spaces, face down. Whoever has the most cards when they have all been taken, wins.
Let me know who you play with and who won!


Now you've practiced tally, I would like you to go on a book hunt around your house. How many can your find? Collect this information in a tally! You could create a table with all the different rooms you looked in. Which room had the most books? What about the least?