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Week Commencing - 18.05.2020


Curriculum skill - personal & social development - develop an understanding that exercise and hygiene and the right types of food and drink are important for healthy bodies.

In Supertato, I could see lots of different foods in the supermarket. Lots of them were delicious, healthy foods and others were tasty treats!
I would like you to talk with an adult when you are eating your meals about what food is healthy for our bodies and what is more of a treat to have now and again. You might want to keep a diary of what food you eat this week (find a template attached, if needed).

Can you sort different foods into healthy and unhealthy? You could use a venn diagram or just put foods in to separate piles to complete this activity. You can use the food cards attached below, make your own labels with different foods or you could use real food - it's up to you!

Extra activities - if you want to to more work about healthy eating, you could make a face out of fruit and vegetables to eat, you could make a fruit kebab or a tasty meal! Show us what you get up to.