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The Rainbow Fish


This week we will be focusing on the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. Read the story to your child or watch it on the following link. We hope you enjoy all the activities we have planned for you. 

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

This story is about a beautiful glittering fish who learns to make friends by sharing his most prized possessions.

After listening to the story, talk about what happened at the beginning, middle and end. Using as many (or few) of the pictures below, support your child to sequence the pictures in the order they happen in the story. Don't forget to colour the pictures in and make the Rainbow Fish look beautiful. 
Can you practice your pencil control by drawing over the lines carefully to make the Rainbow Fish. Don't forget to practice writing your name on the top and colour the picture in. 


This week out phonic sound will be 'l'. Introduce this sound to your child. Can they find anything at home that starts with this sound? Gather up several objects (some beginning with 'l' and some not). Ask your child to sort them and put together all the objects that begin  with 'l' together. You could also make some special lemon and lime ice lollies together. While making them reinforce the sound.  If you fancy getting messy, then you could spread out some lemon curd on a tray and let your child practice their 'l' formation.  To consolidate this sound you can use this workbook. 


Can you add the correct number of bubbles of each of these fish? You can either draw them on or use a bottle top to print with paint. 

Counting to 10 and ordering numbers

Practice counting to 10 with your child at home. You can use the you tube videos below to help recite the numbers in the correct order. Write numbers 0 to 10 on individual pieces of paper and ask your child to order them on the floor starting with 0 up to 10. Cut out the fish on the sheet below and ask your child to order them correctly. 

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The Rainbow Fish has beautiful, shiny, colourful scales. This Rainbow Fish looks very dull and boring. Can you decorate it to make it look beautiful again? 

Here are some Rainbow Fish colouring pages we though you may like. 
Below are some other craft ideas linked to the Rainbow Fish. You can even make the masks and act out the story with your family.