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Oliver's Fruit Salad

Oliver's Fruit Salad

Jolly Phonics "h"

Describing Fruit - Literacy

What is your favourite type of fruit? Why do you like it so much? Fruit is really healthy for our body. Can you choose a fruit and describe it using different adjectives (describing words)? Here are some examples:


The banana is yellow, soft and sweet.
The strawberry is red, juicy and delicious.

Maybe you can draw the fruits you have described? You can try and write some of the adjectives yourself by writing some familiar sounds or ask a grown up to write them down for you. 

Ordering Fruit - Maths

For this activity you can either use real fruit, use the pictures or simply draw your own and cut them out.  Show your child a selection of different sized fruit (could be real or on paper). Are they all the same/different? How are they the same/different? Discuss the size of the fruit using words such as big, small, biggest, smallest, bigger, smaller. Ask your child to order the fruits in terms of their size, starting with the smallest to the biggest.