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Week 2

This Week's Story

Follow the link above to read or listen to this week's story!

Did you enjoy it? What did you like about it?
Are there any fun activity ideas you can think of, that we could do?


After listening to this week's story, I would like you to have a think about what could happen next, once the crocodile has escaped from the book?
Use your imagination to think about what kind of adventures he might go on, outfits he might wear, meals he might eat and who he might meet!
There is no wrong answer when you are making a prediction! You could think about your favourite story, or TV programme to help you think of what the crocodile might do! Alternatively, you could look at the pictures attached for some inspiration!

Start this piece of work with -
Once the crocodile had escaped, he ran and ran as fast as he could until he bumped in to...

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Follow this link and choose a game to play.
Choose 3 words that your child is unable to sight read (refer to Week 4 for tricky word assessment), and mix these with words your child does know to play.
If your child can sight read all of the Jolly Phonics tricky words, assess them on the High Frequency words. Once you have found 3 that they were unable to read by sight, use these for the game you choose mixed with words they are confident with. Repeat different games and activities with these words until your child is confident in with these words in different contexts. Revisit these words regularly to ensure they are not forgotten.
First 100 High Frequency Words -
Next 200 High Frequency Words -