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Space Challenges


Make some delicious space food. Below is the recipe for star biscuits or maybe you could make some special rocket lollies using fruit. The best part will be eating them!


Build a space rocket using items you find at home. Can you make your own space rocket? You can be as imaginative as you can using items from home. Remember to ask a grown up if you are allowed to use the items first. I would love to see pictures of these! 


Can you make some planets out of play dough? How many have you made? Which one is the biggest / smallest? If you add black food colouring and some glitter and star sequins, your planets will really sparkle! 


Can you make a rocket using 2D shapes?  Ask your grown up to help you cut out some simple 2D shapes out of paper and arrange them to make a rocket. If you are feeling really clever, you could write the letters of your name on each square part and arrange them to spell your name (see picture below). How many of each shape have you used?