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Week 7


We are going to do this week a little bit differently. Rather than asking you to listen to the story first, I am going to show you a picture from the story, then I will upload the story for you to listen to tomorrow. I want you to have a good look at the picture whilst listening to the music, which are both attached below.


Once you've spent at least a minute looking at the picture, I want you to write what you observe, what you wonder and what you infer/ think. Push yourself and include adjectives in your observation sentences. I then want you to predict what the story will be about. Predictions are trying to figure out and guess what might happen. If your predictions are different to what actually happens in the story, it doesn't matter! You might think, after looking at the picture, that they will fly to a far away land and meet a new friend who they have a picnic with. You might predict that they all go to the beach and find buried treasure. You might even think that the characters in the picture are in a big race with other rabbits and birds. Use your imagination!


What do you see in the picture?

Who do you think the main characters of the book will be?

What do you think their names might be?

Where are they going?

How do they know the bird?

What type of bird is it?

Why is the bird wearing a scarf?

What is in the rabbit's backpack?

When will they land?


These are some questions to consider when making your predictions!

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This Week's Story


Listen to Miss Rowley reading this week's book, 'A Little Bit Brave'.