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Week Commencing - 01.06.2020


Duncan wants to count all of his crayons to see how many he has.

He finds 14 blue crayons in his desk and 6 in his pencil case. How many blue pencils does he have?

Duncan needs yellow crayons so he has a look around the house. He finds 18 in his sister's room and 4 in his room.
How many yellow crayons did he find altogether?

Once he has collected all of the crayons from around the house, he shares some of them with his sister. He has 20 and he gives her 9 because she's only little! How many do they both have altogether?

Can you find the numbers?


For this activity, you will need a ball and something to knock over! (e.g. cones, skittles, plastic cups/ bottles).
Start off with 10, bowl the ball and see how many you can knock over. Write the subtraction sum on a piece of paper (10 - ___ = ___) and then count to see how many is left when you have taken the ones you've knocked down, away! Repeat this several times. If the subtractions are too easy, use more skittles to knock over and try counting backwards using your fingers, holding the first number in your head. You can play this on your own or make it a competition. If you are competing, after 5 rounds, add up your scores separately. Whoever has the lowest score, wins! If the activity is difficult, use a number line or a 100-square to 'jump backwards' with your finger.


Look at the price list attached. Different colours are worth different amounts of money.
Can you work out how much each picture would cost by adding the prices together?
You can you counting on methods in your head or a number line.
If these numbers are too easy, get an adult to change the prices for each colour!

Once you've completed the maths challenge - if you would like to, you can paint some of your own pictures online! How much is your painting worth?