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Week Commencing - 11.05.2020


In Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, there are lots of different settings. There's a desert island, Goldilocks was in the forest and the knight was with a dragon next to a cave. The frog called Rowena was in a pond, the Queen in a castle and the astronaut was in space!
Find below links to music on Youtube. Listen to each one for at least 30 seconds and think about what you can hear. What does the music make you think? Which setting do you think it goes with? Maybe you're imagining a completely different setting to one that is in the story.
Get an adult or older sibling to play these for you without you looking at the screen as some of them have pictures which might make it a bit easy. There are no right or wrong answers - it's just what you think!


What is your favourite song at the moment? Why do you like it? How does it make you feel?
I like the song Shake It Off by Taylor Swift because it makes me feel happy and want to dance!