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This page has been set up to give you a quick guide to what is available during an enforced school closure.

Join Porthcawl Primary School facebook page to get connected to different sites, apps, ideas and activities that could be used during the closure.
In the Foundation classes on the website you will see lots of ideas and activities uploaded to your child's class page.  Each Foundation Phase child has been sent home a learning pack for the closure.
Key Stage 2 will be able to access resources on their class page of the school website and actual daily work uploaded to their google classroom.  They also have access to Big Maths online to complete their weekly CLIC and Learn it challenges. Use the video below to help you understand how to log on to google classroom and the functions within it.

Instructions for adding the Google Classroom App for use on phones.

How to access and login to the Hwb platform

How to access and login to the Hwb platform. Please note there is no sound.

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Google Classroom through Hwb

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How to navigate Google Classroom through Hwb

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Parents - Introduction to Hwb log in and j2e.

This video is designed to help parents and carers assist the children in their care to log into the Hwb platform, find j2e and also a short tour of j2e inclu...

How to log onto HWB and Google Classroom for Porthcawl Primary School

Our how to guide for HWB & Google Classroom...for Key Stage 2 children

This is a how to guide for accessing Hwb and Google Classrooms.

Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020 - DO NOT FOLLOW THE LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS YOU MUST LOG IN VIA HWB.

Helps you understand the different sections and features of Google Classroom.