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My Lockdown Project

This Week's Learning


We are going to do something a little different this week for our home learning. Normally we have based our learning on a story but as it is the last week I thought it would be a good idea to talk about our experiences over the past few months and complete 'Our Lockdown Project'. You may like to document this very strange time and keep it to look back on in years to come. Each day I will be giving you a little task to do linked to our time away from school. You can make a scrap book or a PowerPoint to compile everything together. Maybe at the end of the week you can share it on Google Classroom for your friends to see and hopefully you may be able to bring it school in September to show your friends. 


You can keep practicing all your letter and number formation and keywords over the week to keep you busy. 

Task 1 - What has been the best part of Lockdown?


Talk to a grown up about the lock down. What has been the best part of it? Discuss all the things you have done and what things you have really enjoyed. 

You can put all your thought downs on paper in a scrap book or on a PowerPoint presentation and maybe draw some pictures or add some photographs to show what has been the best part of lockdown. Write the heading:

                                                            'The Best Things About Lockdown'


Make your work as colourful as possible as I am sure when you are older you would like to look back on this project. 

Lockdown Project - Task 2


What have you achieved during lockdown? 


Talk to an adult about what you have achieved during lockdown. It could be something like learning to ride a bike or becoming confident at writing your numbers. Anything big or small is an achievement and you should feel proud of what you have done. You can record this in your scrap book or add it to your PowerPoint presentation by writing, drawing pictures or adding photos. 

Lockdown Project - Task 3


What has been your favourite home learning task? 


Today I want you to talk to a grown up about all the different home learning you have done at home. You may want to look back on Google Classroom at some of the activities you have completed since being at home to remind yourself. What was your favourite activity? Why did you enjoy it so much? Would you like to do it again? You can record your favourite activity in your scrap book or on your PowerPoint presentation by writing, drawing a picture or including some photographs. 

Lockdown Project - Task 4


What have you missed while being in lockdown? 


It has been a very strange time and I am sure you have all found the last few months very different from normal. Talk to a grown up about how things have been different and what you have missed the most. It could be things like seeing your family and friends, going out and about, going to school. Add your thoughts and feelings to your scrap book or PowerPoint presentation. 

Lockdown Project - Task 5


What do you want to do once lockdown is over?


We are beginning to see more places opening now after lockdown. Can you think where you would most like to go or what you would most like to do when everything is opened again? Make a list of all the things you would like to do once you are able to. You could use this list to plan some fun activities each week and tick them off once you have done them. 

Hopefully after completing all these tasks this week, you have managed to compile a scrap book of memories that you can look back on in years to come.