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Pirates Love Underpants


This week all our activities are going to be based on the story 'Pirates Love Underpants'. Listen to the story and talk about your favourite part with your family. Would you like to be a pirate? Why / why not? 

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Would you like to be a pirate? 

If you were a pirate, what would be your name? Can you draw yourself as a pirate and write your pirate name underneath? Ask your grown up to help you sound out the words and write the sounds. 

Message in a bottle

Imagine that you are a pirate and have been ship wrecked on a desert island. How are you going to call for help? Can you write a message of help and put it in a bottle? Remember to say who and where you are. See if you can use any of your phonics to write familiar sounds when writing your letter. When you have finished, ask a grown up and they may have an empty bottle you could put it in. Make sure though you don't really put it in the sea as we don't want any more rubbish in our oceans! 

Write Your Own Pirate Story

Today you are going to become an author and make up your own pirate story. Use the grid below to help you. Roll the dice and decide on who your main character will be, where it will be set etc... Ask a grown up to write down your story. Remember that a story needs a beginning, middle and end. Let your imagination run wild! 


This week our sound is 'b'. Introduce this sound to your child by using the videos below. What can you think of that begins with the sound 'b'? Place 2 boxes (or containers) on the floor and label one with the sound 'b' and the other with 'other sounds'. Cut up small pieces of paper and write several 'b' letters on them along with other sounds that the children have learnt. Lay these on the floor upside down and ask your child to turn over one at a time.  What sound have you got? They then place the sounds in the correct box. 

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Draw a large coconut tree on paper and make 10 coconuts using paper. Show your child a number card and ask them what number it is. Can they place the correct number of coconuts on the tree by counting them out using one to one correspondence? This activity can also be repeated but instead of a coconut tree and coconuts you could use a treasure box and coins. 

Walk the Plank

Pirates used to make people walk the plank. Set up a simple sea scene on the floor. Maybe you could use a blue sheet of fabric. You could even make some cardboard sharks to make it more realistic (see pictures below for ideas). Lay a piece of wood across the see (or a large strip of paper) to represent the plank. Write numbers 0 - 10 on individual pieces of paper and ask your child if they can order them correctly along the plank (the picture shows counting in 10s but we will use numbers 0 - 10 instead).  As they walk along the plank and step on each number, encourage them to say the number out loud. 

Counting Game

Click onto the link below to open up the treasure finding game. Encourage your child to count each of the items by touching them one at a time and saying the number. Can they find the correct numeral? 

Knowledge & Understanding

Pirates love coins! Before you start this activity you will need to freeze some coins in pots (i.e. yoghurt pots) with water. Once they have frozen, take the pots out of the freezer and show your child. What can you see inside the ice? How will we get it out? Discuss with your child how they can make the ice melt quicker i.e. using hands, hair dryer, leaving in the sun and try out some of these ideas. Which one made the ice melt the quickest? Once all the coins are free, encourage your child to count how many there are. 

Creative Development

Let's get crafty! Can you make your own pirate? You could use a cardboard tube, painted handprint or maybe you have a different idea. Below are some pictures to give you some ideas. 


Click on the link below to open up Cosmic Kid's Pirate Yoga. I'm sure you will all have lots of fun doing this!

Pirate Challenges

Here are some fun challenges you can do over the week based on the theme of pirates. 

1. Make a treasure map. Roughly rip around the edge of a piece of paper and scrunch up into a ball. Smooth out and using a wet tea bag, gently paint over the paper to make it look old. Once it is dry, your child can draw on the map - don't forget the 'x' marks the spot.


2. All pirates have a special flag. If you were a pirate what would you have on your flag? Can your child design their own pirate flag. They can use the template below or make their own using paper. 


3. Can you make a special pirates hat? Find the instructions below. Don't forget to decorate it. 


4. Can you make your own special treasure chest using an egg carton and fill it with treasure, jewels and coins? See pictures below for ideas.