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Week 1


In stories, the author uses lots of interesting sentences and adjectives to write a character description. A character description helps the reader to imagine what the person is like. It might tell you what the character looks like, what they dress like, what they like and don't like. You might find out about their family or hobbies.

Read some of the examples of character descriptions attached below. What do you like about them? Maybe you could 'magpie' an word or a sentence to use in your own work!

Can you write a character description about at least one of the characters from Ronald the Rhino? Make sure you use adjectives, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
(You can use the template attached if you want to but completing work on a piece of paper is just as good. If you choose to use the template, there are 3 sheets. They are differentiated, the first being the easier and the last being the harder. Choose which one you feel would be appropriate for your child.)
Lots of you have been doing very neat writing. Make sure you take you time when you are writing so that we can see you are trying your best! Also, in our year 1 class are amazing at sounding out! You should have received a sound card in your home packs which should be next to you whenever you are doing a task that involves writing. Not everything has to be spelt perfectly, as long as you have had a go at sounding out the words.

Keep up the good work!☺


Lots of stories use speech bubble in the pictures to tell us what a character is saying out loud. Sometimes they use thought bubbles to tell us what a character is thinking.
Can you create a comic strip for some of the character from Ronald the Rhino?
Look at some of the examples before having a go.
Remember you can do this on a blank piece of paper or even on the computer if you want!


Watch and join in with the youtube video below.

Can you make list of rhyming words from the list below? What do you notice about the words that rhyme?
Have a go with other words too. Can you make your own sentences that rhyme?
You can present this work however you would like to!