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Week 3

This Week's Story

This week's story is called 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book'. Listen to Miss Rowley reading the story with the link below. I hope you enjoy it!


Watch this video about verbs and past tense!

Verbs are doing words and they change in different sentences to tell us when it is happening. Verbs such as jump, eat, brush, floss and laugh are all present tense and are happening right now. If we want to speak or write about something that has happened already, we have to change the word to past tense! Instead of saying 'I do the floss' I would say 'I flossed yesterday with my friends!' which changes it to past tense.

Please see a worksheet attached. Please feel free to complete this work on the computer or on a seperate piece of paper.
Can you write a sentence in past tense?


At the beginning of the week you looked at writing in past tense.
In class at the beginning of Year 1, we learnt how to write a recount which is writing about something that has already happened.
You used time connectives to put things in order, such as 'first', 'next', 'after', 'finally'.
In this week's story, Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, we hear about lots of different character's favourites. I would like to know what your favourite book is! Can you write a recount telling me what happens in your favourite book? Remember to use time connectives and adjectives to make your work interesting. Your title could be like the title of this week's story.
Have a look at my example of a recount before having a go yourself.


This week you have already written about your favourite book, which I have really enjoyed hearing about.
You did such a good job using time connectives, adjectives and doing very neat writing with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
Now I would like you to write a recount about something fun or exciting you have done. It might have been during the time that we have all been at home or before. Remember a recount is about something that has already happened.
Have a look of my recount before trying your own. Did I use many adjectives? Are there any you could think of to make my work better?