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Week Commencing - 18.05.2020


In the Supertato story, there are lots of different vegetables and food!
For this activity you will need weighing scales. You might have some in your kitchen already to weigh in standard units (grams) but if not, you could create your own balance scales (see attached picture below), to measure in non-standard units, such as blocks, beads, etc.
Can you choose different vegetables to weigh? Complete the table attached below. Feel free to create your own table or complete on the computer rather than printing out!

If you don't have kitchen scales or the resources to create a balance scale, adapt this activity to look at packaging of different foods in your cupboards! How many grams do they weigh? Fill in the table below.

What food weight the most? Which weighed the least? Was there any that weighed the same?


For this challenge, I want you to choose two items and work out their total. Then, either with real, plastic or drawn money, I would like you to show me what coins you would use to pay!
If you are finding this easy, you could make your own price list or add more items together.
For an extra challenge, find change (by rounding up to the nearest 10, e.g. if the items chosen total 18p, pay with 20p and work out the change).


At the beginning of the week, we asked everyone in our class what their favourite vegetable was. We gave them 5 different options to choose from. Looking at the comments on the story posted on Monday, can you find out what the most popular vegetable is? Once you have created your tally, can you put the information into a block graph? I wonder what vegetable is the most popular!
You could repeat this activity with your family and when you ring or facetime people, you could ask them too!