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Year 5

Croeso i Dosbarth Conwy!

Croeso and welcome to Dosbarth Conwy. Our teacher is Mrs Jones. This term in Language we will be covering a wide range of non- fiction text (explanation, persuasion and discussion). We will be using our knowledge of writing in a particular genre across the curriculum. The children all know the weekly structure of their Language lessons. When pupils assess their extended piece of writing on day 5, they will be looking for all the 'what makes good' features they previously identified through studying models..The children will be encouraged to mark their work and their partners using emoji exit cards.Pupils will be encouraged to specify in their marking how a piece of work can be improved and they will check if the pupil has acted on the target set.


In maths, we will be covering a variety of topics.  We use Big Maths as our scheme and we will be covering 4 aspects of mathematics each day. Children will also be given number facts to learn known as 'Learn its' to help improve recall of addition and multiplication facts which can then be used for subtraction and division. For homework children will complete their CLIC and the timed 'Learn its' will be done in class. Every Friday pupils have a problem solving session to develop mathematical reasoning which will involve transferring the mathematical skills acquired during the week.

Our topic this term is , The Rugby World Cup . From our COOL day (Choosing our own Learning) children will decide which activities to develop across the curriculum. The children will dress up for COOL Day and be engaged in a wide range of activities.Children will learn about Japan and use a lot of ICT skills to research and produce.

Pupils will develop their language of rights and responsibilities and as a result have a calm, caring and co-operative learning environment where everyone can thrive and reach their true potential.


Useful information

Reading books need to be brought into school every day.

PE kits need to be in school everyday.

Homework will be given out on a Friday when we start.

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