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Week Commencing - 08.06.2020


There are lots of different jungle animals in this story. I would like you to do some research, with an adult, to find out how tall some of these animals are!
Once you have completed the table (see below for an example), can you choose two animals to mark out how tall the animal would be if it was lying down? You could use a measuring tape, a tape measure or a ruler to find this out.
At the end of the table, write a sentence to tell me what was the tallest and the shortest animals you discovered. Were there any that were a similar height to each other?


You have to work out the following sums to draw the correct picture!

In your picture you need...

5 + 4 birds
10 - 7 zebras
8 + 6 monkeys
11 - 9 elephants
10 + 8 trees
and 11 - 10 giraffes.


Venn diagrams are used for sorting a group of things. Go through the powerpoint attached below. Watch this video Use these links to have a go at sorting objects into a venn diagram. You can have a go using a venn diagram in your house. Make two circles that overlap, label the two circles and sort with things you have in your house! You could do a 'things that are square shaped' and 'things that are green' or 'things that are soft' and 'things that are round'. You can choose!